jakipz.com 火遍全世界的gay,一脫成名

Jake Andrich, known on socials as @jakipz, has risen so fast as an online presence that it’s given us vertigo. The 21-year-old Canadian was recently an all-but-unknown face.


“I’m happy to show off now, there’s only a certain period in your life that you can be appreciated for the effort you put in your body. I’m only young for so long, my looks will fade.”

So what’s he showing off? Jake describes his OnlyFans as teasy, tasteful and playful. “I don’t just post workout and flexing videos, I show off more than I do on my other social media pages. I call it mature content: it’s fucking sexual. I don’t do porn and I don’t anything physical with others. I just upload more sexual photos and videos of myself. I show my dick, my balls and my ass. It’s not really dirty: I try to keep it within what I find attractive.”

Having seen his profile, it’s certainly diverse, with everything from risque pics & vids showing his semi flopping around in his underwear to both hands around his anaconda. He also shows off his feet… for those who are into that.

Each week he sends a longer video in private messages to all his subscribers, showing ‘a little more’. That’s the kind of DM-slide we can appreciate.

His online exhibitionism comes with a price though, and it was only a matter of time before his content was leaked. ‘Having your “supporters” leaking your content is rough… I know it happens, but I didn’t expect it to be so relentless!” Jake explains how time spent filling out content removal forms could be spent making new content.



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