jakipz.com 火遍全世界的gay,一脫成名

Jake Andrich, known on socials as @jakipz, has risen so fast as an online presence that it’s given us vertigo. The 21-year-old Canadian was recently an all-but-unknown face.


“I’m happy to show off now, there’s only a certain period in your life that you can be appreciated for the effort you put in your body. I’m only young for so long, my looks will fade.”

So what’s he showing off? Jake describes his OnlyFans as teasy, tasteful and playful. “I don’t just post workout and flexing videos, I show off more than I do on my other social media pages. I call it mature content: it’s fucking sexual. I don’t do porn and I don’t anything physical with others. I just upload more sexual photos and videos of myself. I show my dick, my balls and my ass. It’s not really dirty: I try to keep it within what I find attractive.”

Having seen his profile, it’s certainly diverse, with everything from risque pics & vids showing his semi flopping around in his underwear to both hands around his anaconda. He also shows off his feet… for those who are into that.

Each week he sends a longer video in private messages to all his subscribers, showing ‘a little more’. That’s the kind of DM-slide we can appreciate.

His online exhibitionism comes with a price though, and it was only a matter of time before his content was leaked. ‘Having your “supporters” leaking your content is rough… I know it happens, but I didn’t expect it to be so relentless!” Jake explains how time spent filling out content removal forms could be spent making new content.




WHOSEMAN NO.65 俊宥的性感誘惑

在偌大的草原裡裸身與大自然交流 時不時露出誘人的眼神裡還帶有一點渴望 光影交錯間 更顯現出了他的 厚實肩膀結實胸膛 全身勻稱的肌肉形狀明顯 性感十足 俊宥跟家人的感情很好 手上的刺青也顯現出著他對家人的思念 本刊特別收錄幾張與弟弟的零距離互動 是Virile no.09 韓系男神-俊熙,看出來了嗎? 兩人好到讓旁人羨慕的兄弟情 且那眼神似乎又流動著異樣的情愫 讓人不自覺的被吸引著想一探究竟…. In the vast prairie


PRIVATE SPACE No.13 MINO 包 หนังสือภาพ 2 เล่ม

來自泰國曼谷Airry,被泰國時尚圈稱為近代最藝術的男體攝影師,泰國演藝圈與模特兒界流行一句話,凡被Airry拍攝過的新人必紅,可見Airry在泰國時上攝影界的份量 ! Airry此次拍攝健身教練男模MINO,犬顏無害系,搭上健美體格,真想讓人躺在厚實的胸膛,隱約中感受巨根的魅力 ! 希望大家喜歡 ! 肌肉控 ! 巨根控 ! 讀者不能錯過 ! 此系列寫真特別版照片均為Airry設計原始呈現,本社無任何特殊處理或加工 ! 中文版頁數比泰文版多出20%頁數,獻給台灣懂得欣賞泰男的你 ! Haruehun Airry is one